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Four Seasons Las Vegas - A New Jetsetters Review
Four Seasons Las Vegas – Nevada USA
Four Seasons Las Vegas – Nevada USA
The Four Season Las Vegas

FourSeasons-LasVegas3960 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119
Phone: (702)632 5000
Fax: (702) 632 5195

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Four Seasons Hotels all over the world  are noted for their gracious guest service, understated elegance & luxurious touches, attributes that keep loyal guests coming back again and again.  Their low-profile presence on the top four floors of the Mandalay Bay on the far end of the Vegas strip is no exception.  Comprised of 424 guest rooms, including 81 stylish suites, these refined retreats are located on the 36th to 39th  floors at Mandalay Bay Hotel.  We recently returned from yet another wonderful stay here; we really love this refined hotel which we consider an oasis of calm floating above the maddening crowds of the Vegas strip.  Although it is not exactly in a “central” location, being located at the far end of the strip, sometimes a little distance from the throngs of the “blender-size beer mug” crowd is just what we want.

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Deborah’s Review

What Makes It New Jetsetters Worthy?

Here’s where we like to tell you why we consider this property unique, special and worthy of our review.

What’s So Great About It?

Drop your suitcases & your worries at the feet of the friendly bellman who greets you as you step out of your town car at the small, intimate entrance.  Four Seasons staff greet you by name (always a touch we appreciate) and escort you to the smiling Front Desk clerks for a quick & painless check in.  Beautifully scented air wafts through the corridors leading to your refuge in the sky as you meander past the inviting Spa, and a small gift-shop showcases some very unique objects & gifts in their windows (we fell in love with a creatively crafted puppy-dog made out of recycled newspaper, who seemed to peer out at us longingly as we passed by).  Now I wish we had brought him home with us, but alas no space in our carry-ons!

Pass the private entrance to the intimate courtyard pool, where you will no doubt want to spend some delicious time sipping some chilled Sangria or share a bucket of cold Corona’s, and then feel your cares drop away as the quiet, high speed elevators whisk you up to the top four floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  As the doors swoosh open, the softly scented silence of the elevator lobby greets you and you feel like you are coming home.

Unique and Over-the-Top Service

Utilizing the service of an Executive Car Service is something we always indulge in when we travel to Las Vegas; Four Seasons arranges this for you upon request.  It’s an amazing way to begin a holiday, with someone waiting to greet you in the chaotic airport arrivals area.  No lining up for a taxi or waiting at a kiosk for a shuttle to a car rental lot.  Instead, your luggage is taken from your hands, a friendly face navigates you through the crowds and escorts you to a waiting sedan just outside the front door.  Relax in the cool leather interior, sip cool bottled water and enjoy the short drive through the back streets to the Four Seasons.

Hotel staff were on hand to greet us by name, whisking our luggage away and escorting us directly to the reception desk, where smiling front desk staff quickly & efficiently checked us in.

Unique Room

Our one bedroom suite was spacious and comfortable, and the bed was a dream to sleep in.  We had a large powder room at the front entrance, a Keurig Coffee Maker which we enjoyed as we love a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  The huge living room was great, with flat screen tv, a comfortable sofa, over-stuffed armchairs, and a killer view.  The big, rectangular bedroom also had great panoramic views, and we liked that we had a lot of closet space off the bedroom with room to store your luggage.

A down duvet, plenty of fluffy pillows and thick terry bathrobes always make me feel blissfully content when I am travelling.  The view of the strip from our room was gorgeous after the sun set, with neon rainbows of thousands of lights piercing a velvety black sky.  The outline of the Luxor Pyramid pulsed rhythmically, making it appear as though it was going to launch itself up into the heavens at any moment.  This view is always a treat, no matter how many times you have been to Vegas.  The marble-clad bathroom was huge, a deep soaker tub was perfect to relax aching legs and feet after hours of travelling through casino’s and walking between hotels on the strip.  We always appreciate top shelf amenities in a hotel, and Four Seasons pampers guests with ample quantities of L’Occitane toiletries, one of our favorite lines.

A favorite moment was entering our room to find a beautifully decorated cake thanking us for “Liking” them on Facebook.  What a brilliant idea, and we really appreciated the gesture.

Amazing Activities:

It would be impossible for us to detail all the fascinating, fun, quirky, interesting & romantic activities at your disposal in Las Vegas.  From the thrill of experiencing an unforgettable Cirque de Soleil show, or an eye-popping evening watching some of the sexiest girls in the world perform on the small, intimate stage of Crazy Horse Cabaret, or simply sitting under cooling misters and engaging in the very entertaining act of people-watching in Vegas, there is no way anyone can be bored in this city.

Having seen almost all of the Cirque de Soleil shows at least twice, we agree that our favorite production is Ka, at the MGM Grand.  This is a stunning theatrical production, featuring acrobatic dancers who fly through the air, using puppetry, martial arts & multimedia techniques combined with a wonderful story of twins who find themselves separated and must confront all sorts of dangers & obstacles to reunite.  It is a show you will never forget seeing, and really, once is simply not enough!  We have experienced this show three times, and would recommend a seat that is not too close to the front as about ¼ of the way back is optimum to see the entire stage and for your eyes to encompass the complete spectacle.

Want to experience the “other side” of Vegas?  Curiously, it’s a side that many people don’t bother to explore, but is one of our favourite parts about visiting  Las Vegas.  Renting a convertible and driving out into the desert is amazing!  Just getting away from the cacophony & confusion of the buzzing strip for a few hours will ground you and instill a new appreciation for Vegas.  It’s wonderful to experience the silent landscape of the Mojave desert delineated by the distant Las Vegas Range; the clean, clear miles of scrub brush, Joshua trees & cacti; the peaks and valleys of Muddy Mountain sand Sunrise-Frenchman Mountains sketched against a cerulean sky.  On especially clear days, you can sometimes see the snowy peak of Virgin Mountain in Utah.  Gradually approaching the outskirts of  the Valley of Fire you will feel like you could be on another planet somewhere in the vast universe.  The soft red sandstone of both the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon have been lovingly sculpted by the breath of desert winds and the hands of Father Time, resulting in other-worldly shapes, furrows, crevices, and canyons filled with stubborn scrub brush, tortured cacti, and feisty ground squirrels who have learned the value of being incredibly cute when tourists are around.

Caution is urged when feeding these little creatures, though.  They do not have an easy source of water and by over-feeding them, we could be killing them with kindness.  Still, their bold approach and the touch of their little paws on your knee as you kneel down to feed them really touches your heart and brings you closer to the stunning diversity of the creatures & plants who call the desert home.

Notable Dining:

The Verandah is one of our favourite places to dine at Four Seasons.  It serves authentic Italian cuisine, with a fantastic selection of house-made pasta’s and breads, and offers delicious braised meats, wood-fired pizzas and of course a great selection of seafood.  We especially love it because of their beautiful outdoor patio and their fantastic breakfasts.  I have to say that we consider ourselves somewhat connoisseurs of Eggs Benedict, and The Verandah has to take top honours in this category.  Service is generally fabulous, with the staff being friendly yet professional and attentive.

We did have dinner with The Verandah and enjoyed our experience, even though the weather was not cooperating and we could not sit out on their beautiful Verandah.  Too sad!

I decided to splurge on the “Caldo D’Aragosta and Il’Suo Consommé” (Warm Lobster Salad, Seasonal Vegetables, Infused Saffron Consommé, Shaved Black Truffle).  It was very different and very delicious.  Steve decided on “Tradizionale Cesare”, a classically presented Caesar Salad with Aged Shaved Parmesan, Herb Croûtons, House Caesar Dressing which he enjoyed.  We decided just to share a pizza, and ordered the Funghi & Prosciutto – Mushrooms, Bel Paese Cheese, Parma Ham Truffle which came with a thin, crispy crust which we love.

Since we had been so good and had not splurged too extravagantly on our main meal, we decided to go for the gusto and order the spectacular “Signature Sharing Dessert”, an Amaretto Tiramisu with Italian Gelato and Cinnamon Flavored Cotton Candy.  Wow! This was truly a mind blowing dessert.  While Steve enjoyed the intense flavour of melting cinnamon cotton candy, I concentrated on tucking into the absolutely dreamy flavor of the amaretto tiramisu, augmenting each bite with a delicious dollop of the creamy gelato, which came in three fantastic flavors, Butter Pecan (my favourite), White Espresso and Crunchy Rum.  It was one of those desserts that has the ability to stop your brain in it’s tracks and just focus on each tantalizing bite.  Come and enjoy the picture on Pinterest!

The Verandah also presents an interesting option for guests by offering diners a “Tour of Italy” without ever leaving the restaurant.  Each season, a three-course, prixe  fixe menu created by Restaurant Chef Antonio Minichiello highlights dishes from a different region of Italy.  While we did not take advantage of this lovely suggestions, we were intrigued by the offerings of the current menu which featured favourites from the Veneto region and we would like to sample one of their highlighted cuisine offerings on our next visit.

We also spent a night at Charlie Palmer’s Steak, a second visit which once again was a great delight.  An in-depth review of our experience will be published online shortly.

Essentials to know:

The Four  Seasons provides a House Car service, which provides you with free transportation within a three mile radius of the hotel.  We always tip the driver when we use this service, it is still much cheaper and much classier than hiring a taxi.  Inform them when you are ready; it is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pets are more than welcome at this hotel, which we love, so don’t be shocked to see dogs on the elevators.  I was thrilled to meet Cheech and Chong, two very handsome chihuahua’s who were being escorted down by their personal servant for their evening constitutional.

Complimentary coffee and snacks are available to all guests in the lobby just outside of The Verandah entrance.

Use the very amenable & efficient Concierge staff to book your dinner & show reservations for you; they can work wonders getting you a table at the restaurant whose website insist they are completely booked.  They can also find you premium seats for strip shows such as Cirque de Soleil when there don’t appear to be any good seats left.

The Pool area is rather small and intimate.  If the hotel is busy you may have a hard time finding a lounge chair in an area you desire, so you should go early in the day to avoid disappointment.  The Pool service is good, friendly staff come by frequently, occasionally providing small cool fruit sorbet & frozen fruit sticks and other cool delights.

If you want to explore further down the strip, don’t forget you can take the free monorail which will take you down past the Luxor, as far as the Excalibur, which saves some walking.  Sometimes the wait can be a little long, and it can become a little crowded, but it can be a valuable energy saver!

For those who don’t mind some exercise, it is possible to walk from the Four Seasons along the Strip out to a very cute new area called Town Square Las Vegas.  It took us about 40 minutes to walk there, but this is part of our fitness regime so it was perfect for us and the day was not too warm to make it unpleasant.  This is a small village-like development with a great selection of interesting stores, great restaurants, movie theatres and bars.  We spent one day just walking up to the Square, perusing the shops and having lunch before we caught a cheap cab ride back to the hotel (about $7.00).  We greatly enjoy this mini oasis away from the strip.

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Deborah’s Comments:

The Four Seasons Las Vegas


Las Vegas has been one of our favorite “get away from it all” destinations for almost twenty years, we often escape there two or three times a year.  This many visits means we have experienced a great many of the hotels on the Strip.  Not many of them get a second or third visit, but there are a handful that consistently live up to, or surpass, your expectations and charm you into wanting to return.  The Four Seasons is one of those hotels for us.  Sure we want the excitement, thrill, noise, color and stimulation of a Vegas vacation (all of us do, that is why we are going there!).  But many of us also love some peace and quiet in our day.  Refined elegance, lovely service, comfortable suites with great views, and a classy refuge from the craziness of the Strip.  That’s the Four Seasons Las Vegas.



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About Deborah Thompson

Deborah Thompson is Co-Founder of New Jetsetters, Editor in Chief of New Jetsetters GLOSS Magazine and a well known Luxury Travel Influencer.

8 Comments for this Post
  • Joanna
    July 28, 2013 at 10:08 am

    We stayed at the Four Seasons for the first time last year. We like the idea of not having a casino in the hotel. It make for a quiet atmosphere away from the crowds.

  • Theresa J
    July 28, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Four Seasons is a great brand. We stay in them all over the world and are never disappointed

  • Steve
    July 29, 2013 at 12:18 pm

    Hi Joanna

    It’s a nice little get away from the casino crowd yet everything is so close. Best of both worlds I guess.

  • Steve
    July 29, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Hi Theresa

    Great brand. They are very consistent in maintaining quality and service. We have been fortunate to visit them in LV, Vancouver, London and Los Angles and will be heading back for an update in LV this September.

  • Richard
    July 30, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Hi Deborah

    I am not sure if you have been to the 4 Seasons since this review but they completed a big renovation late last year and it looks fantastic. They have also opened a new lounge called Press

    • Deborah Thompson
      July 30, 2013 at 9:41 am

      Hi Richard

      We will be in LV in Sept. Depending on our schedule we hope to have a look. Thanks

  • virginia145
    January 1, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Hi New Jetsetters

    I enjoyed your review but in all honesty I didn’t find the 4 Seasons in LV up to the same standards as many of the other 4 Seasons I’ve visited. Any thoughts?

    • Deborah Thompson
      January 4, 2014 at 11:17 am

      Hi Virginia – It is true that “Brand” Hotels, although they strive to maintain a uniform level of service and project a specific image for guests who value their image, some locations can sometimes drop the ball. A lot has to do with the level of experience and integrity of the Hotel Manager and also the location of the hotel. We find most Luxury Hotel Brands which are located in Asian countries have a much higher level of service and are much more luxurious than most of their North American contemporaries. We encourage you to take a moment and send your feedback on what was lacking in your experience to the Hotel Management – not just one of those “guest satisfaction comment” cards that they leave in your room, but an actual written letter. If Management does not know their hotel is not meeting standards, they cannot move to fix what is wrong. Thanks for your comment!

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