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The Five Best Places To Swim Naked
The Five Best Places To Swim Naked

There is nothing in the world as amazing as the feeling of being completely naked in the warm, soulful waters of a tropical ocean, with no fabric to bind or constrict, and all of your body tingling with the sensory overload of such a wondrous experience.  Bubbles, sea foam and seaweed feel very different against super-sensitive skin that is seldom exposed to the elements!  Be prepared for a few gasps, and the elated feeling of doing something ever so slightly sinful.

If you are anything like me, however, finding a place to free your modesty and your body parts to the world at large can be challenging.  However, we have found a few places where, if you choose the right time of day at the right time of the year, a floating session au natural can become the most memorable time of your vacation. So join us, hang your bathing suits up on the towel rack alongside your inhibitions.  Here are the top five places we like to swim naked whenever we can.  We recommend you keep your swinging appendages in low profile and be respectful of the local residents and their laws or you could end up in hot water.


 1.    Akumal Beach, Akumal, Mexico

Our very first denuded dip was in this intimate cove in Akumal, on the Yucatan Peninsula.   Protected from the open ocean by the second largest barrier reef in the world, candid cavorting is safe and easy.  We found an isolated stretch at one end of the bay, took a look around for approaching eyes, left our swimsuits on the soft white sand and raced like giddy five year old kids into the silky water.  What a rush! We bobbed gently in the water, reveling in the freedom.  From that moment on, we knew this experience would have to be repeated.

A  Map of Akumal



 2.    Palm Beach, St. Martin

On the trendy “French Side” of St. Martin we found Palm Beach, a long stretch of powdery white sand bordering some of the most beautiful water in the Caribbean.  The bonus to this beach is the amazing Palm Beach restaurants where you can have an amazing lunch and excellent French wines, a few bottles of which go a long way to easing those clothes off.  Further down the beach is a stretch of sand where the only voyeurs are some prehistoric looking rock formations, and the odd couple strolling hand in hand.  Once again, the clothes went flying into a heap and the next moment we were in a blissful state of nakedness, feeling just a little naughty, but very, very nice.

My Favorite Palm Beach Restaurant



 3.    St. Jean Beach, St. Barth’s

This small crescent of fine what sand is home to one of the Caribbean’s top hotels, Eden Rock.  A few other small hotels dot this incredibly beautiful bay, and on weekends and holidays it can appear quite crowded with the beautiful people.  But if you can be there early, just as the sun is rising, or right at twilight, when most people are busy preparing to go out for dinner, you can have the beach all to yourself – your naked self.  Prepare to watch the sky streak with amber and burnt sienna as the sun sinks, and revel in the tactile pleasures of warm ocean waters against your bare skin.

My Hotel of Choice On St. Jean Beach



 4.    Kata Noi Beach, Phuket, Thailand

This long stretch of beautiful sand beach can change dramatically depending on the time of year, and the best time to streak into the water as naked as the day you were born is not, I repeat not, monsoon season!  Choose November through April and the water will be soft, caressing and gentle, and the large rock wall which separates the beach from the cliff-side perch of Mom-Tri’s Villas is the perfect shelter to bare your bottoms and take the naked plunge.

Mom Tris Villa Royale



 5.    Loblolly Bay, Anegada, B.V.I.

This is an absolutely amazing beach with nothing but a small bar (serving the best fresh-caught lobster ever) and a handful of randomly scattered small houses here and there  to stop you from spending the entire day without clothes and running around in a naked frenzy.  (The searing blast of the sun might give you pause as well, though).   This is a truly secluded escape for the truly timid nudist-at-heart.  Have a few creamy pina-colada’s, and then plunge your privates to your heart’s content into the calm, crystal depths.  The only company you will have will be the dark silhouettes of pelicans as they paint fleeting shadows over the surface of your private, turquoise bath.

The Big Bamboo Beach Bar


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  • Pablo
    June 18, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I’ve always been tempted by the idea, but have yet to do it!

    I may be near Akumel next year at some point, possibly then… haha

    • Deborah Thompson
      June 22, 2013 at 10:14 am

      Hi Pablo! Nice to have you visiting us and thanks so much for your comment! Well, if you do make it to Akumal, you have to promise us you will indeed give this a try!!! (Just don’t get caught for indecent exposure and end up in jail!! Although then we may have to come and bail you out, which might not be a bad thing after all….)! If you do give it a try, you must come back and let us know how you found the experience! Best regards, Pablo and once again thanks for stopping by!

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